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Billy Theuring

An Avid boating hobbyist with a love for open waters.

About Billy Theuring

Billy Theuring lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where – alongside a rewarding career as Regional Sales Manager Western U.S. with TriMed Inc, an Orthopedic Implant Manufacturer – he enjoys spending time on his boat and out in the water.  

Billy’s love for boating was first sparked by his time in the military. After graduating high school, he spent four years as Fly Two Petty Officer in the United States Navy with the U.S.S. Constellation, an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Upon returning home to Ohio to attend Ohio State University, he got into boating recreationally; he got bit by the bug, and he’s been doing it ever since. 

For Billy, what he loves most about boating is being out on the water and getting to feel the wind in his hair while navigating the waters. Boating also offers an excellent way to enjoy the lake away from the shore and swim. Living in Arizona, spending time on a boat and swimming in a lake is one of the best ways to beat the heat and stay cool. 

Alongside the time he spends actually sailing the boat, Billy Theuring also loves boating restoration projects where he can help restore old vessels to their former glory. He recently purchased a new project boat that he’s excited to begin refurbishing. Billy is undertaking several home renovation projects where he enjoys engaging in manual projects and teaching himself new skills. He really enjoys seeing the before and after results of each project and takes pride in figuring out how to do things and then making them happen. 

In his professional career, Billy Theuring recently accepted a position as Regional Sales Manager Western U.S. with TriMed Inc, an Orthopedic Implant Manufacturer with a focus on Upper and Lower Extremity Products. Previously, Billy worked within the Medical Device industry as the Arizona Territory Manager for Medartis, Inc. in Phoenix. On top of managing the territory for the company, Billy has established a career where he’s widely recognized as a Subject Matter Expert on all matters regarding the total Tedartis Product Line. He has grown his region extensively across his six-year tenure and achieved the highest third percentage to Quota in the United States in 2019. 

After leaving the Navy, Billy attended Columbus State University, where he earned his Associate of Arts in Business in 2006. Moving forward a few years, he returned to education at the University of Phoenix to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Management, which he earned in 2020. 

Learn more about Billy Theuring and his interest in boating by checking out his blog page and coming back often for the latest posts!