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If you are someone who has embraced the boating life, you are also likely to be someone who enjoys adventure. The freedom that the open water presents is limited only by your imagination. Whether you are interested in water sports, cruising, sailing, or fishing, there is a place for everyone to enjoy. 

San Juan Islands, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is the place to be for island-hopping, in which 20 of the 172 San Juan county islands are inhabited. Washington state boasts killer whales and pine forests instead of more tropical sights like coral reefs and palm trees, but the seafood is legendary, and every island is its own charming discovery. Roche Harbor is one of several critical points of interest, along with Haro Strait because of the dolphin-sightings. The Rosario Mansion, now a resort and spa, is a significant step back in time.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco Bay is very popular among the occasional fierce winds among sailors, thanks to calm seas. Power boaters love it too. There are so many coves to explore that you could visit one every weekend for a year and still not be finished. The salt-water fishing opportunities are also a big draw for being so vast and diverse. The Sacramento Delta is also known to entertain water skiers with smooth, calm early-morning waters in the peak summer season. 

Northwest and Southwest Florida

Because of its year-round temperate climate, boats are welcome in Florida 365 days a year. Such a massive state with an endless variety of water-related activities means both coasts warrant mentioning. Tampa Bay sits along the western side and is enjoyed by those who seek tamer waters for kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, and fishing. Onshore, there is plenty to do as well, such as visit the Dali museum in St. Petersburg or the aquarium in downtown Tampa.

The eastern coast of Florida is all about fishing. The fishing is so vast that there are seasonal guides to help visitors plan their trips, and the bounty is unparalleled from Fort Lauderdale through the Florida Keys all the way to Key West.

Newport, Rhode Island

Known as the yachting capital of the Northeast, Rhode Island is arguably the textbook definition of boater’s paradise. Rhode Island often springs to mind when most Americans picture yachtsmen and sailing enthusiasts in their navy blazers. There is never a dull moment for those who love to learn about history among the coves.