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Podcasts are episodic, genre-based digital files that users can download or stream live. They have grown in popularity over the years because they cover a seemingly endless supply of topics and are entertaining and informative. Today, most podcasts are only in audio format, but video podcasts still exist and have gained a resurgence due to COVID. Below are six podcasts that crafters and DIY enthusiasts might find helpful.

Shop Talk live

This podcast from Fine Woodworking Magazine is a compelling audio-only podcast about woodworking as a visual craft. Although there isn’t any video to show examples, shop talk live explains the woodworking process step by step. Every episode of this podcast serves as a reminder that woodworking, like any other craft, is an opportunity to undertake creative problem-solving.

Adventures in Design

This podcast is the best way to start every morning since updates are daily. It usually features personal interviews with full-time creatives, designers, and artists. The host and interviewees discuss everything about the creative process and time management.


Previously, this show was named Destination DIY. Although it ended last summer, its archives are still available and equally informative. The podcast looks at the entire DIY culture and the exciting ways it unveils itself in this post-consumerist era. It also looks at the impact of making things ourselves.

99% Invisible

This podcast is among the shows with the most listenership. It’s predominantly about the thought that goes into the unnoticed designs and architecture that shape the world. Surprisingly, it also looks at the creatives that work on and designs these projects and how they impact contemporary society. The driving statement of the show is that nothing comes into existence from nowhere. A creative individual has to conceive it, design it, prototype it and find a way to manufacture it before putting it into the world for us to interact with it.

Reclaimed Audio

Reclaimed audio explores how to make objects from existing materials. It encourages recycling and up-cycling. The show has a particular focus. However, the hosts bond well and have astonishingly great ideas. It serves as a simple reminder of all we could do by giving old things a new purpose.

Song Exploder

As the name goes, this podcast focuses on music. In every episode, the hosts pick a song and explode it into various components. They engage in a breakdown discussion of the songwriting and instrument playing in the song. They also discuss how the final mixes get put together. This show is a perfect way for musical crafters to understand the different music components and develop them.