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Boating is one of the most entertaining things you can do with your family and friends. The typical activities on a boat, such as swimming and fishing, are exciting things, but many other options are worth trying out. Here are some of the most family fun activities one can do on a boat.

Pirate Day

Who doesn’t love a pirate day on the water? It’s a lot of fun to get dressed up as pirates, talk like pirates, and look out for enemies on the water. Hang up a pirate flag for extra fun.

Water Toys

Motorized big kid toys on the water are a lot of fun for the entire family. Water skiing, kneeboarding, tubing, and wakeboarding are just some of the exciting things one can do on the water. For those that prefer underwater activities, there’s always swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.


Many bodies of water have their own fireworks at night. Check out the local events to find great places to view. Taking in a light show from a boat is breathtaking. Never try to light fireworks yourself.

Water Trampoline

A water trampoline turns your everyday boat trip into a wild adventure. This trampoline is portable and inflatable. You can get water trampolines in all kinds of styles and sizes. Take turns jumping into the water, doing wild tricks.

Dance Party

Boating screams for a dance party. Pump up the tunes and play all kinds of music. Pull out your best moves and embarrass the kids.

Camping On The Deck

Camping under the stars is so outstanding on a boat. Encourage the kids to enjoy a peaceful time on the water at night. Bring flashlights so you can tell ghost stories and cuddle up in your sleeping bag.

History Lesson

You never know about the history right where you are sitting on the water. Check out the local fishing towns and historical landmarks. Find out about the neat things that have happened in the area.

A family boating adventure is an exciting time for the family. You can make memories that last a lifetime. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy every second on the water.