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Many people dream of owning a boat. It symbolizes a level of class and luxury that implies free time. It is also a symbol of independence by not being confined to the standard avenues of transportation. In addition, mastering the skills of boating is a satisfying experience that gives instant gratification. When we complete a difficult task or challenge, it boosts our self-esteem. This, in turn, triggers endorphins and other feel-good hormones. These are not only pleasurable in the short-term but they create new formations in the neural pathways that make us more confident and happy in general. 

There is also a deep psychological need for humans to be close to water. The sunshine literally feeds the body with vitamin D, thereby enhancing the immune and nervous systems. In addition, social interaction is vital to our mental health, and boating brings people together for all sorts of reasons, such as fishing, swimming, and skiing. 

Boating, however, can be dangerous for someone who doesn’t know how to manage a boat. The old adage walk before you run definitely applies here. First you need to learn how to drive with a trailer hitch so that you can safety transport your boat  on land. It is wise to practice in an empty parking lot until you’re ready. Once it’s time to set sail, take small boat trips at first to get the hang out of docking and steering and monitoring other traffic and the weather. Build up to longer trips as you gain confidence. Laws are also much more relaxed when it comes to regulating who is a proficient sailor, so it is up to the individual operator to know safety protocols as well as understanding signage, wind patterns, and rules of the water ways. By taking a boating safety course and always keeping a guide on-board, you can lessen the chances of damage or injury to the vessel or the occupants.

There are many activities one can enjoy on a boat. It’s a good idea to decide which ones interest you and then prepare in advance by bringing along all the necessary accessories. This includes having enough provisions for the number of passengers and the length of your journey.

Regardless of your schedule, Mother Nature has her own plans. As hard as it may be to alter or cancel plans, it’s vital to check the weather reports consistently and adapt accordingly. You should also have gear on board that goes beyond life preservers. There should be rain protection for everyone on-board as well.